13 November 2008

I Am Weary (Let Me Work)

I've been sick. I've been very sick. There are weeks back there I don't remember, what with the fever and the lack of oxygen and all. (Tip: Do not get pneumonia when you live alone.) I can see from my Last.fm profile that I was listening to a lot of music I don't remember hearing. I can see a very fine new Pandora station that I seem to have tweaked pretty well (Smells Like Grunge Spirit) that I don't remember making. I see a stack of notes on Pandora and other things that don't make any sense at all. (Why do I have a page on the drummers of Pearl Jam?) I see three new albums from a band I never heard of (Kinski: like the first two, third not so much).

I'm still recovering slowly and it's going to take me a while to wade through the notes and figure out where I left off here. I will enjoy listening to "Smells Like Grunge Spirit" while I work. In the meantime, here are three versions of one of my favorite songs, "Wayfaring Stranger", that I found on Youtube while I was looking for something else. The first is in a traditional style, the second is a modern interpretation from England, and the third is timelessly sublime.

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