24 June 2011

More music watching

I have gotten hooked on reality-contest type shows. (These are not a new thing of course; think of Ted Mack's Amateur Hour.) I can't work up any interest in the Weight Loss Journey of Designers on Survivor Island. Yecch. Plenty of the shows, though, are the closest you can get to classic old variety programs anymore and a great way to discover new music. There are pages and pages to write about these shows, but today I just want to share one particular performance with you.

Streetcorner Symphony got second place in the past season of The Sing-Off, a contest of a capella groups. They were my favorite by far and I liked everything they did, but their version of "Fix You" is just magic. It sticks with me. (Members of the other groups join them at the end.)

And just because I love you all so much, here's another one:

Tangential note: If they ever completely don't need hand-held mikes anymore, will singers resort to holding wooden dummies? How will they ever learn what to do with their hands? I am so tired of watching hands and mikes instead of singers' faces. And you kids stay off my lawn!

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