23 July 2009

Dispatch War Rocket Alpha to Bring Back Freddy

As usual, while I was looking for one thing, I found something else altogether. Then got distracted. "Oh, shiny!" I blame YouTube's recommender. It suggested that I watch a particular a capella version of "Bohemian Rhapsody". That was meh, but that had a related video that had a related video that (lather rinse repeat) brought me to the Queen official YouTube channel. Shiny!

Let me share the shiniest with you. Queen did the song for Flash Gordon. I loved that song, but I haven't heard it in years. I have never seen the video at all, so I was delighted to find it. It is a camp fest, with footage from that movie and footage from earlier versions. Now I get to make you listen to it, too.

Not content with this one Art Nouveau effort, Queen later recorded "Radio Gaga" and set the video in a very Flashesque world, with a lot of footage from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Unfortunately, the official channel has disabled embedding. (Since that's the only one they've blocked, I'm going to assume it's a rights problem and not greed or stupidity. But still, boo.) I did find one clean version of this video elsewhere.

This reminds me of how much I love Freddy Mercury's voice. It's easy to forget how technically amazing his voice was until you hear another great singer like Annie Lennox (e.g.) tackling one of his songs and not quite getting it. Here is a version of a big Queen song with two good singers. One gets it; one doesn't.

Not Art Nouveau, but maybe only Freddy could pull that off.

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