05 July 2009

Roommate Radio

I have a roommate now. This changes everything about my daily life, including music.

For one thing, hanging with him has taken time I would have used just listening to music. It's good to spend time with a real person instead of digital voices, but I miss the soundtrack anyway. I have always been in the habit of putting my headphones on whenever I sit down at the computer, because the next step has always been to start up some music, but he thinks that I do it to avoid listening to him, so I'm breaking the habit, or trying to. I'm not starting music as much anyway, because he is using some space on the external hard drive that I have my music on and so most of the time he's shifted it over to his computer when I wasn't home using mine; I don't always bother to get up and fetch it. I hardly ever blast out the speakers anymore, because we like such different music. This all makes it sound like a big drag, but it seems like normal adjustment to sharing space and time to me. I've spent so much time on my own that I notice every little change.

It's not all loss, either. Note the "we like such different music". Regular readers will recall me saying that I don't listen to much hip-hop. That's not true anymore! It's pretty much all he listens to, so I've gotten plenty of exposure in the last few months. It's still not my favorite, but I understand it better. In fact, I've heard enough to know that I like T.I. and Dr Dre a better than Roommate (henceforth "RM") does.

In honor of RM, I have created the Roommate Radio station on Pandora. Here is a sample to fill the time you are waiting for Pandora to load:

The very most coolest thing about this? It turns out that his favorite artist, Lil Wayne, is an excellent test artist for my Pandora project! Win with awesome sauce.

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