09 July 2008

I don’t like Nirvana

I don't like Nirvana. This is not the same as disliking Nirvana. I just don't like them.

I don't mind listening to them. I can appreciate their significance in the history of rock. I like their songs fine, performed by them or by others. Everything positive that anyone has said about them, I have no argument with at all.

But I don't like them. Listening to their music doesn't do anything for me. If one of their songs is playing and gets interrupted--doesn't bother me at all. I bought a chunk of grunge and yet never even lingered over a Nirvana album deciding. Intellectually, I get them, but emotionally just crickets.

Add them to the list of my musical heresies next to Led Zeppelin. The more I explore, the longer that list grows, too. Don't hate them, can't be bothered.

I have been looking at the local-network iTunes libraries and I am the only one who doesn't have Alanis Morissette. There is one person who is hiphop, hiphop, trance, hiphop, classical--and Alanis. Eh. If I had money for albums burning holes in my pockets, I'd buy Enemymine or Trevor Lissauer & the Glass Plastiks or Driving East years before I ever got down the list to Morissette. Or Madonna. Or Morrissey. Or Metallica.

I do like Backstreet Boys, though.

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