10 July 2008

This blog is about me

Just a moment to remind myself and all of you what I think of as the charter of Amber.

I listen to music. I think about music. I think of my life as having a soundtrack and as a journey through a musical landscape. This MySpace and blog is about that journey. It is about my own personal musical experience: what I listen to and why, what I think about while I am listening to music, how I find new music, etc.

If this makes me a critic or a pundit, okay. I decided at the start not to be a reviewer. I don't go after new albums particularly. I don't try to be comprehensive. I don't feel any obligation to be fair or put things in historical context or cover things that are supposed to be important if I don't feel like it. I just write what I think on the day I write it.

I also resolved not to post anything like a negative review. If I am writing about something and I see something as a minus, I'll mention it. I won't write about an album or an artist just to say I think it is bad. I reserve the right to deviate from that if I see a good reason to, but I don't want this to be about funny insults. I think I could describe my approach as developing a playlist: If I like it or think it's interesting, it's in. If I don't, it's not.

And so this is not all just blah-blah, here is a sample of what I'm listening to today:

Rainin in Paradize - Manu Chao

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