06 July 2008

Maroon 5, hiding in plain sight

I got sucked into the "if everyone is talking about them, they must suck" trap again. I kept hearing "Maroon 5" and "Adam Levine" all over the place. They are the current Big Thing, he is hot and cool dating some starlet or other, blah blah blah.

Then I was watching Saturday Night Live digital clips on Hulu and the supporting singer in one of them sounded familiar. "He's the guy in that song I liked." So I looked up his name: Adam Levine of Maroon 5. That led me to their web site, which led me to a online tracks. It turns out I have been liking a lot of their stuff without the penny dropping that it was them.

It's not poppy flavor-of-the-month drivel at all. It's razor sharp, funky rock with very very dark story lines. I love that kind of stuff! Why didn't someone tell me? Why why why don't they say the names of the bands and songs on the radio anymore?

Of course, then I had to put more albums on the list. At least I only have two to catch up on.

And I suppose this means I need to check out Coldplay and Radiohead and all. I wonder if I have been hearing and liking their stuff all along?

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