04 July 2008

My Exciting Geek Holiday

I am not much for wild celebrations. Today, I celebrated Independence Day by sleeping late, going to see Wanted (a big disappointment for me), streaming Eden's Curve, and fiddling with my iTunes library.

I guess I have to admit that I spent three hours cleaning up MP3 tags and finding missing album artwork. Normal people do that, right? I also spent a good chunk of time making my own thumbnails for the ones I couldn't track down. I rather like the generic one I made for assorted Nine Inch Nails tracks.

I had to do that because, having noticed that I was just 48 tracks or so short of 17.0 days of music, I downloaded a bunch of free tracks from Last.fm to make that up. So far, it's sounding like an interesting grab bag. I now have 6385 tracks, 17 days, 34 gB of music. I suppose that's a lot, but I keep thinking about what I don't have that I used to or that I want to.

I had a nice bit of serendipity. IMO, the best part of Eden's Curve was the soundtrack, so I spent some time looking for that. No joy, but searching on the names of the credited composers brought me to Trevor Lissauer and The Glass Plastiks. Their new album goes on the list of albums I will buy as budget allows. I observe that the list is growing faster than the money, though.

I wasted some time cleaning earbud cords. Why do they all have to make the cords white? Isn't there a market for ones that don't show grime? I also gave some thought to shockproofing Ratatask, the iPod. I have to leave it home when I'm skating, because my stomach twists when I think of falling on it. It's hard-drive based, so even protecting and cushioning the case might not be enough to keep it from shock damage inside the case. Until I solve these, I will have to keep cleaning cords and humming, I guess.

Tomorrow will be even more exciting: watching grass grow and a vigorous nap!

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