15 July 2013

A woman needs to be told ...

Advance disclaimer: I am not LDS (Mormon). That said, ...

There are always a lot (megalot) of lipsynch videos of big hit songs on YouTube. Most of them point you over to buy the original song, the people that make them have a lot of fun, and everyone wins.

I've run into one remarkable group of One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" lipsynchs that just makes me smile stupidly.

LDS church president recently Monson told his church that "a woman needs to be told she's beautiful" and the men of Mormonism took him seriously. There are countless videos from different LDS boys youth groups made as gifts to the girls in their congregation. (Ward? I should look that up. Okay, yes, "ward" = local congregation.) Technically, I suppose I could count them if I put some time aside, but pfui. Search for "one direction" or "makes you beautiful" along with "LDS", "ward", or "stake" and you'll see what I mean.

Here are a couple of fun examples:

It's a good thing I like this song a lot, because after rummaging around for two fun examples, I have an Dune-sandworm-sized earworm of it.

I could gripe some about pressure for traditional gender roles and all; the song could have more about non-appearance beauty. That's an important discussion—for another day. Today, I'm going to hum along with One Direction and the Mormon lads giving a loving message to the girls and women in their lives. (Give them bread, but give them roses, too.) Now I'm trying to think of a song that groups of young women could put on to tell young men that they're okay the way they are. Are there any reassuring songs for male persons?

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