03 July 2013

ASMR: buzz buzz buzz

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is a phenomenon where people get a pleasant buzzing or tingling sensation on the back of their neck (commonly) or some other body part, typically with extreme relaxation, in response to a particular kind of sensory input. Everyone who has it has their own set of triggers, but things like whispering, haircuts, and Bob Ross are very common. There is a giant collection of ASMR videos on YouTube if you want to get a better idea. Most people who have ASMR response don't realize that other people don't have it.

For me, certain kinds of songs have this effect, usually something with a drone or buzz threaded into it. I've had one of those in particular, Hedningarna's Hoglorfen, as an earworm today, which is a very strange thing.

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