30 July 2013

Doing it for love

Christina Perri is amazing. Her official videos have many multiple millions of hits. Her life changed completely over three minutes, when her song "Jar of Hearts" was heard on "So You Think You Can Dance". She has a haunting quality and also very good luck. Her demo ended up in the hands of a choreographer who felt it. We all have the good fortune that Perri is not a one-hit wonder, since her subsequent releases have also had the magic.

One thing that her original songs have in common is being Big-S Serious. Could she be like that day to day? I was delighted to find this video of her jamming with a friend, covering "Georgia on my Mind". Her pure joy in making music shines out of this video. Unfortunately, she's blocked embedding, so click through the photo.

CP Smiles

After that, listen to her other songs. Buy them. Buy the album. We admire dedicated starving artists, but I feel better knowing that artists who touch me have a decent living out of it, so they can keep making the art I love.

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