05 July 2013

Missing music

Due to all the disruption in my life, I ended up with no computer and all my data on a couple of thumb drives and a couple of external hard drives. I haven't been able to sync my iPod for a long time, so my scrobbling has gone to hell. I couldn't afford to buy much new music, which made me a sad panda indeed.

Well, look out world! I'm getting my ducks lined up again. Unfortunately, I still can't find my old blog archives. (I saved the HTML of every single post ever, somewhere.) They are probably on the external hard drive that (probably) got buried in storage. I've been listening to music on Pandora, but that doesn't scrobble and only wants to show me music just like music I already like anyway.

(That reminds me, I still owe the post on Pandora, don't I? And just as it's being passed by Slacker.)

My musical TO DO list is something like:

  • Look for missing external HD.
  • Find missing "Amber on Music" archive.
  • Figure out how to put an iTunes library on an external HD. (That isn't practical for games, so they have eaten up the HD space on my new super laptop>)
  • Sync my iPod.
  • Get some new music.
  • Sync again.
  • Start throwing random groups from the news into Pandora to find new music. [*]
  • Get more new music.
  • Sync again
  • And so on.

[*] Is there any musical reason to hate One Direction? I have no problem with shiny boy bands unless their music sucks. I certainly like this cover:

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